Who We Are?

We are a food trading company concentrated in the production and distribution of fresh and frozen proteins for both the domestic and International markets. We rely on our qualified team of professionals, as well as our long and solid relations with suppliers and customers, to satisfy the palate of final consumers through products that exceed quality standards and regulations. This makes us a highly regarded and recognized company, that is a pillar of socio-economic development in the region it’s based and a growth engine of the agricultural sector of our Country.


Our main objective is the export of live cattle , beef carcass and specific cuts, bone in and boneless , either chilled or frozen depending on the specific export market .
Also import of frozen pork and poultry cuts , as well as buffalo cuts .
The companies that are linked to Industria Ganadera SAS, are legally constituted and able to slaughter, process and export products , under all required certifications and the highest quality procedures .


Vision For the year 2,023 Industria Ganadera S.A.S, it will be one of the leading and most important companies in the agricultural sector involved in protein food exports in Colombia, strategically positioned in the national and international market through our products. As a result of the constant search for investment opportunities, we increased our sales volume, thus contributing to the growth and socio-economic development of our country.