Industria Ganadera’s marketing success, relies on excellent quality cattle, raised in fertile areas with optimal conditions in the main production regions which are the Santander, Cesar, Antioquia, Córdoba and Magdalena Provinces; thus resulting in cattle with excellent features for consumption.

Beef Carcass

The carcass meat is obtained from the standing beef, after completing a series of inspections, the beef is slaughtered and refrigerated (cold ripening stage) and finally enters the food distribution channels. The following cuts are currently handled:

Hindquarter Cut:

In this cut, the arm includes: the rib, the attached flank and the hindquarter only with the ribeye roll.

American Cut:

In this cut only the arm is included and the cut is made between ribs five and six.

Cattle Cuts

Beef is classified in various cuts, this is why each has specific characteristics in their shape, size, and flavor, among others. Knowing the use of each cut, we can have a better idea of what is best for our clients and focus on what we are looking according our objectives.
We produce one of the widest varieties of cuts of meat, fresh and frozen meat in Colombia. This is an overview of our product list:


Taking into account that there are by-products of beef, we also market:
Offals: According to request of the customer.
Hides: They are commercialized nationally, according to customer request.